What’s In a Meta Description?

Crossword puzzle showing search engine optimization keywords as dice on a white board flat design SEO concept 3D illustration

Ah, the lowly meta description. The 160 character sales pitch. Why do we obsess so hard over a couple lines of text that in and of themselves admittedly don’t impact how the search engine rates the relevance of your content to a search? Is it really that important? I don’t need 160 characters to answer that, […]

Why Consistency Matters for your Local Search

Abstract Paper Map with Magnifying Glass

With more and more individuals relying on major search engines such as Google to help them find the products and services they need, SEO has gotten more and more competitive and important. Many businesses have realized that focusing on localized markets has boosted their visibility online, bringing more customers to their door. Typically, SEO is […]

Google’s Newest Pet Isn’t Just Playing Dead

Since hearing the name for Google’s content spam algorithm update released in February 2011, business owners who depend on their online visibility have felt a special kind of dread hearing “Google” and a type of animal in the same sentence. If you’ve been in business for more than a couple years, it stands to reason […]