Control Your Reputation to Get More Customers

Collecting a high volume of new authentic reviews on a consistent basis is not going to happen without a dedicated strategy. An online review management platform automates and streamlines the review generation process so you can connect with every customer without taking time away from running your business. A steady stream of new reviews boosts SEO, increases click-throughs and conversions, and drives more organic traffic to your business. Not to mention, the more reviews you have, the less impact one negative one will have on customers’ overall perception of your brand.

  • Get reviews from your happy customers on Facebook and Google logo and more!
  • Drive growth with great customer experience
  • Dominate local search
  • Improve ratings to increase revenue
  • Be in the driver’s seat for all your locations

Gather new reviews from your customers via automated SMS and MMS alerts sent to their mobile devices. Intelligent deep linking directs them to crucial sites to post on, like Google and Facebook. Link Right Media allows you to customize all text messages and emails.

Collect hundreds of new reviews from your satisfied clients on sites like Google, Facebook and Angie’s List so when customers search they know you’re the best for the job.

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Auto-promote positive
customer feedback

Turn customers into advocates! Automatically publish the reviews of your choice on any site you manage — your website, blog, and social pages like Facebook and Twitter. Prompt satisfied customers to share feedback to sites that matter to you, like Facebook and Citysearch, amplifying happy customer voices across the web.

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Local listings are the third most influential factor in search engine rankings. Keep up-to-date and consistent business information (name, address and phone) across 50+ review sites that matter most to your business so you’re found easily in online searches. Display all your best reviews and updated business information on your microsite from Link Right Media-optimized for search engines indexted by Google.

Manage reviews, boost ratings

Monitor your online reviews from hundreds of sites like Google, Yelp, Angie’s List and Facebook, in real-time.
• Respond to all feedback directly from one dashboard
• Manage negative feedback directly through private channels

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Link Right Media review management platform gives your business the tools to leverage positive word-of-mouth and take control of your online reputation. With Link Right Media, easily run happy customers into brand advocates.

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Get reviews on top sites like Google, Facebook and Angie’s List via automated SMS or MMS messages.

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Create a consistent presence for your business on 50+ sites and boost SEO with new customer reviews.

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Auto-promote reviews on your website, blog, and social pages like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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Discover root cause of sentiment and take action to boost customer happiness.

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Monitor all your reviews from all sites like Google and Angie’s List — in real-time, from one place.

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Get results quickly with premier customer service and a dedicated support representative.

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Respond instantly to negative reviews before problems escalate.

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Display your best reviews from all sites on your custom-built microsite, optimized for SEO.

The Link Right Media platform makes the process easy by:

• Sending automatic real-time requests to your customers at critical moments
• Directing happy customers to third party review sites that matter most to you
• Instant new review alerts so you can respond to negative feedback instantly and solve problems before they become problems

Don’t let bad customer reviews get you down. Instead, use them to connect with your customers and nip issues in the bud to keep your online reputation squeaky clean.