Is Content Important for Local SEO?

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By Jen Breeding Yes, Content is Key for Local SEO 5 Steps for Creating Local, User-Focused Content and Improve Your Online Visibility Learn why content is essential to local business SEO and 5 steps you can take immediately to improve your local online visibility: Understanding User Intent Understanding Your Customer’s Persona Keyword Research 2020 Optimizing […]

The Three C’s of Local Visibility – Consistency, Completeness, and Confliction

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Starting up your business takes a lot of work. You need to train your employees, get your commercial building ready, dedicate time and effort to your product/service, and build a strong relationship with your clientele and community. However, even after doing all of that, visibility for your business doesn’t magically happen. Most individuals find information […]

COVID-19 Update

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During this period of uncertainty, we want to assure you that we are working harder than ever to provide you with the services and care you need to protect your business. As we continue to monitor the news and information surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our highest priority remains supporting our staff, clients, and community. Our […]

How Often are Small Business Websites Attacked?

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Every website is attacked by malware, ransomware, and phishing sites on a daily basis. Large businesses have experienced technicians who are in charge of preventing these attacks from becoming hacks, so the attacks are of little concern to them. However, small businesses have less money, few (if any) technicians, and rarely any security programs. So […]

How To Tell If the Google Robo Call Is A Scammer

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If you’ve been in business more than a week, you’ve probably already gotten a call from someone to talk about your Google listings. Recently, these calls are more commonly coming from autodialers. “Hi, this is Sharon, your local Google Specialist!” followed by a number of attractive claims. Anyone in internet marketing starts to laugh within […]

Why Invest in SEO?

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Any investment in your business needs to be carefully considered. Properly investing in resources, equipment, real estate, staff, inventory, business development, and marketing can ensure a lifetime of growth, profit and success. Poorly choosing your investments is one of the primary reasons businesses fail. Marketing budgets are no exception. Marketing of any kind needs to be […]