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With more and more individuals relying on major search engines such as Google to help them find the products and services they need, SEO has gotten more and more competitive and important. Many businesses have realized that focusing on localized markets has boosted their visibility online, bringing more customers to their door.

Typically, SEO is simplified into using keywords to target specific audiences, but there is more to it than that. For your business to show up local organic search results, not only does your website’s SEO need to be top-notch, but you will also need to maintain consistency for all review and listing websites, as well as any apps that help individuals find and learn more about your business.

While this doesn’t seem like a hard venture, since most businesses set up their listing profiles on websites such as Yelp or Google My Business, they often miss the fact that other listing websites will trade information to help make their listings more comprehensive. When this happens, mistakes begin to pop up and if not caught, this can affect your business’s chances of showing up on local searches.

How do you stop the spread of inconsistent information on listings and keep track of where your business is listed? Does it matter to the success of your business’s online presence? At Link Right Media, our SEO experts understand that this can be a lot to keep track of at once, especially when you are trying to focus on running your business. This is why our team has created this guide to help you understand the importance of consistency and what you can do to improve your local search visibility.

Understanding Why Local Search Matters for Your Business’s Success

Whether you have a physical store or your business is located within your own home, having an online presence is a must. Local search engine optimization plays a huge role in the success of your business by allowing consumers who need your goods or services to be able to find you. 

With roughly 40-60 billion searches happening on Google in the United States per month and 46% of those searches being used for the sole intent of individuals trying to find a business near them, your business showing up on a local search can make the difference between a jump in your sales or the loss of potential customers to a competitor. 

How Does Consistency Help With My Ranking on Local Searches?

In 2014, Google launched its “Pigeon” algorithm which was the first time that the core ranking algorithm for search engines was set to target locally-focused queries. This algorithm was in response to a rise in users using search engines to find information on and directions to local businesses. The “Pigeon” algorithm connected Google’s search engine with Google Maps, increasing the accuracy of its directions and records of where businesses were located. Because of this, websites that had consistent information throughout multiple different listing sites were prioritized over companies where information differed, as there was a higher chance the results may not be accurate.

Since Google’s algorithm is the determining factor of how your business is placed on the local search results, it is extremely important to align your business’s SEO with what the algorithm is looking for. This includes removing inconsistencies between the data from multiple internet listings for your business, especially if they have high credibility.

What Information Should Be Included in These Listings?

  • Name of Your Business
  • Hours of Operation
  • Physical Address of Your Business
  • Updated Web URL
  • Contact Information
  • For Map or Direction Based Listings, Make Sure the Directions are Accurate

How Do I Ensure That My Listings Are Consistent?

The first step to take is to review your business’s current listing information. Businesses may change their name, address, or phone number for a multitude of different reasons, but updating your listings to ensure they are accurate is extremely important for your local search visibility. 

If your business has gone through a rebrand, changed its contact information, or location, you will want to update your Google My Business Listing and any other listings you have as soon as possible. Remember, even a typo in the name or phone number can significantly impact your business’s local search ranking.

However, changing your business’s known listings isn’t enough. As mentioned earlier, companies will often trade information about businesses to help improve their listings and traffic volume. Inaccuracies often pop up and get spread around, which will then affect your ranking.

How Can I Keep Up With All of the Listings?

The best way to ensure that all of your listings are consistent is to invest in SEO services that also take care of listing suppression services. Link Right Media goes through each of our clients’ listings quarterly to ensure accuracy of the listings and quickly changes any inaccuracies we find. This allows your business to remain competitive in local searches and ensure that consumers who need your goods or services can find you.

Ready to take your business’s SEO to the next level? Link Right Media can help! Our team specializes in connecting businesses with their customers, ensuring growth for your business and a working relationship with your clientele. Whether it’s SEO, Social Media, Online Reputation Management, PPC, or Website Design, we can meet all of your business’s online needs. Contact Link Right Media today for more information about our services or to schedule a consultation.