As a business that sells goods, product listing ads should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. They help convince shoppers whom are already convinced to shop to purchase from you.

Done properly, PLAs can dramatically increase the amount of sales you see during the holiday season.

As we’ve created countless successful product ads for our customers at Link Right Media, we have a few tips to help ensure that your ads perform to your satisfaction.

1. Make Your Data Feed Complete

The first thing that you should do during the holidays is to ensure your data feed is complete.

To create a working data feed, you only need to have a few things such as your product’s title, description and product category.

You should make sure that you have the other fields filled other. That means you should add fields for color, brand, gender, size and any other applicable fields in the Google AdWords product feed specification.

2. Maximize Your Exposure With Your Potential Consumers

If you want your pay per click ads to work, then it’s imperative that you stay connected with your consumers. You should already be aware of how important this is in offline marketing, but it’s even more important while online.

With the rise of mobile smart phones, consumers are more likely to purchase using their mobile devices. This gives them another opportunity to make impulsive holiday purchases, which means that more exposure equates to more opportunities to buy from you.

That makes it more important to ensure that you’re using the right keywords and bidding aggressively. Beating out the competition in both of these actions will ensure that your ads are the ones that are seen the most and, when you create highly effective ad listings, they will be the ones with the highest click-thru rates.

3. Make Product Listing Ads Seal the Deal

The sole thing that makes Google Adwords so effective when it comes to product listings during the holidays is the fact that consumers are in the buying mindset. This means they’ll be more likely to purchase things that they normally wouldn’t regardless of if that thing is actually on their holiday shopping list.

Promotions are one of the best ways to ensure that customers purchase from you during the holidays. Free shipping, coupons, discounts and packaged deals generally work the best to promote business for our clients during this season when using PLAs.

4. Bid Aggressively on High-Value Keywords

One of the most important things that you can do during the holiday season is to bid as aggressively as you can when it comes to high-value keywords.

Typically, your high-value keywords will be derived from your best sellers or words that describe your best sellers. In the latter, you’ll likely face a much more competitive bidding war against your competitors, but winning that competition will bring in that much more business during the holidays.

To accomplish this goal, it’s smart to create a best selling products ad group. You can then increase your bid amounts, which increases the amount of exposure your products will receive. You can then tweak your bids to maximize cost efficiency while maximizing product exposure.

One Final Tip for Maximizing Holiday Business

By now, you should understand just how much of a boon that the holiday season can be for your business. You can sell a greater volume of products to people whom may not normally be in the mindset to purchase them.

If you think that you think your product ads could perform better, then it’s almost assured that they could. Contact us at Link Right Media to see how we can make you profits improve by calling 817-462-5422.