Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

Landing Pages

Landing pages are used for a variety of reasons, but most commonly, they are designed to provide fast, pertinent information while enticing the visitor to complete an action. A landing page may be used in conjunction with PPC ads to promote a new product or service. A landing page should include relevant information regarding the page’s content, a strong headline, links to relevant pages on your website, and optimized body content that includes keywords. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to include text or video testimonials if space is available as these items can help to build trust and confidence in a short amount of time with potential customers.

At Link Right Media, we create Pay-Per-Click landing pages designed to increase conversions and build our clients’ brand through custom design and development, keyword research, and excellent content.

Kickstart Conversions with Landing Pages that Work

Because landing pages are often used to convert visitors into customers, we focus on all of the elements that are directly involved in the conversion process, including attractive graphic design, ease-of-use elements, and constant testing. The PPC landing pages offered by Link Right Media can be created to match the exact needs of your business and your customers, and through custom reporting we offer you a targeted strategy to get more visitors converting more often.

Our PPC Management Services

Experience more traffic to your business’ online properties and see a larger conversion rate with our landing page services. Contact Link Right Media at 817-462-5422 to learn more about our PPC land pages today.