How A/B Testing Works

AB Testing

In the world of Internet marketing and PPC advertising, it pays to test your approach. A number of different factors can affect how effective an ad might be in gaining conversions, including keywords used, headlines, and the body content. At Link Right Media, we design PPC ads that work through A/B testing and custom reporting. Our analytics team will create varying PPC ads through keyword research, and we test these variations and measure the results. A/B testing gives our team the opportunity to find the right combination of factors that ultimately drive more traffic and successfully convert visitors into customers.

Split Testing Your Ads for Higher Conversions

Another way that our PPC specialists assist our clients with conversions is through split testing, also known as A/B testing. Split testing provides potential customers with two different options to assist in determining which one is more effective. Split testing for PPC ads gives our experts the opportunity to try out ideas and see what types of reactions and conversion rates can be gathered from each, meaning we focus your marketing efforts on the options that show more results.

Our PPC Management Services

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