Managing Your Call Conversions

Call Tracking

As a part of our custom reporting, Link Right Media recommends our clients to take advantage of call tracking and recording for PPC leads. Call tracking shows where ads are leading to actual calls from customers, ultimately allowing for a better understanding of what types of web marketing and PPC management strategies are working.  This also allows us to monitor the quality of the calls you are receiving from your PPC campaign, increasing your conversions.

Develop Better Strategies with Call Recording

Using PPC call tracking and recording allow you, the business owner, the ability to listen to your calls. Therefore, helping you evaluate the customer’s first point of contact they have with your business.  In addition, this will allow you to use the recorded calls for ongoing training of your staff. Do you ever wonder how your employees are handling incoming calls? Now you can.

Our PPC Management Services

Discover better ways to market your business online with our PPC call tracking services. Contact Link Right Media at 817-462-5422 to speak with a call tracking expert about your business’ unique needs.