New Account Setup Questionnaire

Please fill out the New Business Setup Questionnaire to the best of your ability.
Many fields are required because the information is essential to begin work on
your account. Work may be delayed if the information on the form is not
provided or inaccurate. Enter the information into the form and hit Submit.

New Customer Questionnaire

Section 1 – Business Profile 

Please be detailed, type 24/7 if you are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

 Section 2 – Access Information / Hosting / Development 

Please provide login access for Domain Register, Hosting (example GoDaddy Login), and CMS Access to your current website (example Wordpress login).

(example Wordpress login).

(example HostGator. GoDaddy login).

(example GoDaddy login).

Please provide username and password for the following

 Section 3 – Marketing Information 

Please answer questions below to help us with content development for your website.

Specify your payment options (ex. Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Check, etc.)

Please include physical address of each location including street, city, state, and phone number.

Please specify your core services or products in order of priority. Identify if you’d like separate service pages on the website.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

List the Associations you would like to include. (ex. AMSA, BBB, and statewide assoc.)

 Section 4 – SEO Customer Information 

Please skip this section if you are not an SEO Customer

Keywords are what your potential clients would type into the search engines to find you. Within reason, what would be your #1 dream keyword to rank for?

Include all the Keywords you think are important. (ex. piano movers, apartment movers, packing supplies)

What city is your top priority in regard to marketing direction?

 Section 5 – PPC Customer Information 

Please skip this section if you are not a PPC Customer

Detail the times of day and days of the week your phones are monitored/answered.

 Section 6 – Website Customer Information 

Please skip this section if we are not building a new website for you

Enter the email address you want contact form submissions to come to. This address is not publicly displayed on the website.

Please list at least three colors in order of prominence. If you know the Hexadecimal codes for your exact shades (ex.#f4923a) please list them

Discuss age, location, financial situation, demographics, gender, etc. of your ideal customer.

 Section 7 – Social Media Customer Information 

Please skip this section if you are not a Social Media Customer

What age range is your target audience? (Ex 13-65+)

Should your audience be more male, female or equal?

What geographic area is your preferred audience in?

What language(s) does(do) your desired audience speak?

Education, financial, generation, home ownership, language spoken, family, nationality, relationship, work, etc.

Business and industry, entertainment, food and drink, fitness and wellness, hobbies and activities, fashion, sports, technology, etc.

Automotive, B2B, charitable donations, digital activities, job role, media usage, mobile device user, purchase behavior, travel, etc.

Please copy and paste links to any social media profiles of competitors that you would like us to review.

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